Calamari Inkantation シオカラ節 – 3×4×S (Cover)|”Shamisen 三味線” & “Cello 大提琴”


Calamari Inkantation シオカラ節 – 3×4×S (Cover)|”Shamisen 三味線” & “Cello 大提琴”
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Shamisen – SHAMIO しゃみお
Cello – NUBIA ヌビア
Arranged by – NUBIA ヌビア

Ink Painter 水墨画家 – ZINKAI 稔絵

Recording – スタジオ Ad libitum (NUBIA)
Mixing/ Mastering – NUBIA ヌビア
Shot – 3×4×S、KANNA 神無
Edited by – SHAMIO しゃみお

Originally composed by SHIHO FUJII 藤井志帆

Special Thanks – momochy ももちー

Place – Akihabara City 秋葉原、Ohsaka Namba Hostel MIYABI 大阪難波ホステルみやび

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SHAMIO (Fox, Marie, Shamisen Player)

NUBIA (Cellist, Callie, Composer/ Arranger)

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