Flavoring Sakura – Slow and Fast (Shamisen Live!)


Flavoring Sakura – Slow and Fast (Shamisen Live!)
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In this month’s lessons, I’m bringing focus to flavor awareness. I.e, taking parts of a song and figuring out where we can add melodic dynamic to bring extra depth to the song. This can be an intentional incorporation of slides, hammer-ons, upstrokes, and other techniques to turn a simple melody into an emotional journey! After all, simply playing the song melody only uses about half of the shamisen’s potential awesomeness.

Last week, we learned ways to add flavor to Kokiriko Bushi. This week, let’s learn how to add flavor to Sakura Sakura, both the traditional form and note-filled form as well!

Plus, we’ve started our next ‘Shamisen Live!’ Contest! The theme of this month’s contest is all about flavors. I would like participants to think about how they add flavor to their favorite song (minyo or otherwise). When you’re ready, upload your submittion to YouTube, share it to the Bachido facebook page ((https://www.facebook.com/groups/bachido/) with the tag #shamisenlivecontest. Then, you’re in!! The winner will receive a sweet Bachido swag bundle!