LADYBABY Nippon Manju 津軽三味線 Shamisen Rock cover


LADYBABY Nippon Manju 津軽三味線 Shamisen Rock cover
LADYBABY a Shamirock ロック三味線 tribute to Nippon MANJU.
Yeah! Whatever. I do whatever I want ! I play whatever I want to play on my Shamisen. So what? LADYBABY is just so ABSURD. I thought it has to be a joke at first. But then I realized I was going to create a Shamisen cover. Then, there was no stopping this from happening. Shamisen cover of LADYBABY. Yeah. It already happened! SO now what? 津軽三味線 2017
津軽じょんがら節 MEETS 日本原宿 JAPAN`s Kawaii METAL.
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu as a Bearded European I guess. That`s the idea. LADYBABY. It`s so stupid. I don`t know what else to say. I play the Japanese Shamisen. haha. 津軽三味線