Onedari Daisakusen -BABYMETAL 三味線ロック


Onedari Daisakusen -BABYMETAL 三味線ロック
BABYMETAL Onedari daisakusen. 津軽三味線 Tsugaru Shamisen cover. I play the Japanese Shamisen. My first inspiration came from Takahashi Chikuzan when I was 14 years old. After graduating from high school I moved to Valencia, California where I studied music compostion at the California Institute of the Arts. Eventually I moved to Santa Cruz and joined the band Estradasphere. Additionally I helped to form the Gypsy Flamenco World music group Fishtank Ensemble and the Heavy Metal Shamisen band God of Shamisen, Tsugaru Shamisen is a type of traditional Japanese music that traces it`s origins to the northern prefecture of Aomori 青森県. According to the legend a Blind Shamisen Master named Nitaboh was the original creator of the music we now call Tsugaru Shamisen. For more information in english regarding the Japanese three stringed Tsugaru Shamisen type in a search for the online Shamisen community called BACHIDO. Bachido was started by American Shamisen guru Kyle Abbott in Santa Cruz, California and is a great online location to meet people who are interested in the Japanese Shamisen. Our very own TEAM BACHIDO made up of members and participants of the Bachido website entered and won first place this past spring at the Hirosaki World Championship Tsugaru Shamisen tournament 2014.
BABYMETAL is a Japanese music performance group made up of three young girls who call themselves Su Metal, Moa Metal and Yui Metal. The concept of BABYMETAL is a fusion of Japanese Idol music or J-pop with classic Heavy metal. This video demonstrates the Japanese Electric Shamisen in the context of a BABYMETAL song called Onedari Daisakusen. 津軽三味線 三味線ロック Rock Shamisen cover of BABYMETAL ロック三味線。
Onedari Jongara bushi Daisakusen BABYMETAL . Tsugaru-jamisen